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CRAVINGS: shades of pink.

Although I wouldn’t necessarily see myself as someone who wears a lot of pink, an occasional touch of pink certainly doesn’t hurt. Especially if it is muted and could just as well get by as a neutral. Take my Valentino lock bag, for example. It may not be everyone’s first choice of color, but I’ve found it to work with literally almost every single look I’ve worn throughout the past year. Such a great investment piece. Also, how cute does a light pink nail polish look with tanned skin, or a scalloped bikini, as a matter of fact? Today’s cravings were definitely inspired by shades of (light) pink and a few current favorites in my purse.

  • Edited faux fur collar: I love the idea of adding just a faux fur collar to a simple coat or warm sweater for a bit of extra warmth, or as a fun alternative to a scarf.
  • Bobbi Brown extra lip tint: Not only is this a really pretty natural-looking light pink, but it also nourishes your lips, which comes in extra handy during Winter. This is a current must-have in my purse!
  • Marysia scalloped bikini: I have this suit in black and love it. Can’t wait to get packing for the next tropical getaway with Kathi in a week. I’d love to have this lighter version as a nice contrast to the black. Plus, I could use it to mix and match.
  • Valentino small lock bag: This is the smaller version of my medium lock bag and the color is finally back in stock. I know a lot of you have asked about this bag in the past, so be quick if it has been on your wishlist for a while.
  • Richmond & Finch marble phone case: I find it funny how obsessed I can get with certain things. This phone case is an example of that. I had the pleasure of giving away 4 of the Richmond & Finch cases during my advent calendar. The longer I looked at it while preparing the post back in December, the more I fell in love with it. To the point where I had to have it. Best decision ever. I’ve had it for 2 weeks now and love my phone so much more with the new case!


  • 7 years ago

    Die Valentino schaue ich mir jetzt schon so lange bei dir an und jedes Mal denke ich mir “Ich muss diese Tasche unbedingt haben!” Und du hast recht: Man könnte meinen, die Farbe passe nicht zu jedem Outfit, aber du beweist das Gegenteil: die Tasche ist ein echter Allrounder! 🙂

  • 7 years ago

    I’m a huge fan of anything powder pink. It goes so well with almost any other shade and looks super chic at the same time 🙂 I’ve been wanting the Valentino for forever (I think I already said that a million times haha) but the medium size doesn’t seem to be available anywhere right now,so crossing fingers it will pop up soon 🙂


  • Oh, die Tasche ist ein Traum, aber auch der Bikini ist zu süß *.*
    Liebe Grüße, Natascha von SJMB

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